About Us

Couleurs, pronounced as "Coo-Lerr" means colours in french. The reason to why we would relate ourselves with colours is because we offer a wide range of services, just like how colours have a wide spectrum of options. We specialize in wedding photography, corporate events, family and child portraits with the vision and goal to capture the perfect moment in the perfect place.

Taking photos and videos that portray people being real has been our vision and to also paint picture of moments that our clients can remembered forever. With those goals in mind, we will always put in 100% effort to ensure our clients feel most comfortable and relaxed because matters most is real people, real stories and real emotions. Our responsiblity is to make you look bright and stunning, hence if you have different ideas or plans in mind, please do not be afraid to voice them out; we are very open to suggestions simply because happy clients, happy us.

We are flexible with our schedules so as to cater to your every needs. Whether you are interested in our photography and videography for pre-wedding, engagement, actual day wedding or even corporate events, we will be there to capture each and every important moment.